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We understand the challenge around the uncertainty of travel plans with Covid. You can book with confidence knowing that your health and safety is a priority. We have implemented social distancing, increased cleaning practices as well as limited contact services at Caravan & Camping in Queensland. 

For further peace of mind, we offer flexible booking arrangements for those impacted by COVID-19 and allow for changes to booking dates or 12-month credits* (conditions apply - see our Bookings Policy)*


To enable us to offer a safe environment we require all our guests to adhere to the following conditions:

  • A guest declaration must be completed on arrival for potential tracing documentation (this is a Queensland Government requirement).

  • We may also require you to supply a border pass (guests from out of state)

  • If you're not feeling well, please ensure you stay home.

  • Please practice safe hygiene etiquette. Wash your hands regularly, cover your cough and avoid touching your face.

  • Social distancing practices apply 1.5m separation from others, limits on the number of people as signed (excluding household), maximum number of people in any gathering as signed etc.

  • Visitors to current guests are allowed only if they complete a guest declaration and adhere to social distancing measures in place. Limits to numbers apply.

If you are unsure if you're allowed to stay, please feel free to call or contact us.

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